Cleantech Innovate - Showcasing the Commercial Low Carbon Stars of the Future

Cleantech Innovate is currently inviting the most innovative Cleantech solution providers to apply to present. However, they have to be quick as:
The deadline for submission is Thursday 19 January.

Why should Cleantech innovators apply? This is what their previous presenters had to say:


"We have had 5 serious funding approaches as a result of our presentation at the event in London - one of them has already confirmed that they want to invest. So this was very good value for us." - Toby Burton, Alquist


"As a start-up, looking to make connections in the industry, it’s often hard to pick the right conferences/events to go to and I was blown away by the event... there were so many people interested in our technology and what we had to say." - Sam Cockerill, Libertine FPE
60% of the 2016 presenters who responded to their survey indicated that they received investment as a direct result of Cleantech Innovate.


If you have any suggestions for companies they should approach directly to apply, please email Sarika.jain@weareorchard.com

Application process

Full details of the application process are available here.