Scale-Up: Engie Innovation Week - Meet-the-Buyer - London

Engie Ltd

Event Title
Engie Innovation Week

16th June 2016

Business Design Centre, London
Agenda Exhibition of innovative Engie initiatives and supplier products and services.
There is also an opportunity for Scale-Up partner SMEs to exhibit for FREE their products as well as meeting Engie buyers.
Buyer Need
Innovative Solutions for SMART Buildings. We are looking to identify
innovative projects and solutions for a new joint energy and
services offer which will either disrupt the existing energy
and services markets or create additional value for our B2B

The goal of this call for projects is to either:
A - Improve the management of delivering energy efficiency,
supply and facility management services through a
'freemium' technology offer incorporating IoT, multiple
building data sources and enterprise systems
B - Creation of the SMART office, commercial and/or
industrial building as an experience / service. Driving
customer productivity and aligning buildings with their
aims and objectives

Outcomes to the solution should focus on:
- Fusion of workplace optimisation to reduce demand with
supply optimisation
- Building utilisation linked to energy consumption /
- Algorithms to enable our managers and clients to make
informed decisions on the optimisation of their buildings
- Long and short term optimisation of space usage
- Employee wellbeing, improved ambience e.g. lighting,
noise, air quality, desk configuration etc.