Scale-Up: Meet-the-Buyer Event - Sweden

Make an impact on the international arena
Pitch your solution to ABB, E.ON and Fortum

Meet-the-Buyer Event

Gothenburg, Sweden 10 May 2017

Join this opportunity to enter real business partnerships between cleantech SMEs and established Scandinavian multinationals such as ABB, E.ON and Fortum.
As a selected SME you are offered individual one-to-one meetings with key decision makers to pitch your company and your products and discuss business partnerships that can fast-forward your company’s growth.

The event is held at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in the centre of Gothenburg. Participants receive free entrance to Elfack, the Nordic trade fair for tomorrow’s electricity and power industry, offering multiple additional opportunities to meet valuable business
partners. For more information see: https://en.elfack.com

Register your interest now via e-mail to: register@cleantechinn.com
10 May 2017
Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre
Mässans Gata/Korsvägen, 412 94 Göteborg

Time:                                                         Activity:
09:00                                                         Registration
09:30 - 15:00                                             Individual meetings (20-30 min) 
                                                                  Attendance at Elfack trade fair
Contact your local Cleantech Scale-Up partner (sam.goodall@cambridgecleantech.org.uk), or e-mail register@cleantechinn.com
and we will get in contact with you for further information

In 2016 ABB inaugurated the innovation growth hub SynerLeap, located in the heart of ABB’s largest R&D center in Västerås with unique infrastructure and expertise within energy and automation. SynerLeap creates an ecosystem to enable small technology companies to grow and
expand on a global market, made possible by sharing the same innovation environment to reduce innovation cycles, decrease time to market and together strengthen the competitiveness. SynerLeap is now looking for small and medium enterprises in the area of energy and power that are willing to collaborate with ABB, the other SynerLeap companies and our regional partners. To meet the Energy Revolution we are searching for new solutions related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, microgrids, data centers, e-mobility, asset monitoring and diagnostics and power quality among others.
Take the time to discuss with Magnus Backman, Head of Energy and Power at SynerLeap, to learn more. ABB drive efficiency, safety and productivity in utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure globally. With a heritage spanning more than 130 years, ABB operates in more than 100 countries and employs around 132,000 people. http://new.abb.com , http://www.synerleap.com

After the spin-off of Uniper, which continues to provide classic large scale energy generation and supply services, the new E.ON’s strategy focuses on Renewables, Energy networks and Customer solutions. For this event, E.ON is primarily looking for commercial SME companies with offerings
in the following areas; customer-centric energy solutions for B2B and B2C (such as smart homes, smart heating services, e-mobility), large-scale heat production and distribution (solutions for efficiency and digitalisation), and solutions for the smart grid (such as voltage quality, sensors, smart metering and condition based maintenance).
E.ON is represented by Lars Bierlein at the Nordic Business Innovation team, with direct links to the global business. Depending on the SME profiles, E.ON representatives with specific interest areas may join. E.ON is one of the world's largest privately-owned energy suppliers with 43,000 employees, operating in over 30 countries and serving over 33 million customers. It is one of the 30 members of the DAX stock
index of major German companies and a member of the Global Titans 50 index. http://www.eon.com/en/about-us.html

As one of the largest energy companies in the Nordic region with growing business in the Baltics, Poland, Russia and India, Fortum’s vision “For a cleaner world”, reflects the ambition to lead the transformation towards a low-emission energy system and optimal resource efficiency. Fortum is seeking to grow together in partnerships with innovative cleantech SMEs addressing the areas of renewable energy technologies, digital energy services and new customer offerings. For this event, Fortum also is interested in energy-related solutions for sustainable cities and collaborations
with potential new energy venture partners.
Meet Catarina Naucler, R&D Manager at Fortum Sweden, and her team with a central role in forming new supplier relations in partnerships or as potential customer. Fortum is a leading clean-energy company that provides its customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. We want to engage our customers and society to join the change for a cleaner world. We employ some 8,000 professionals in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and India, and 62% of our electricity generation is CO2 free.
Fortum's share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (FORTUM). http://www.fortum.com/