Single Use Plastic - Round Table Discussion

Round Table Discussion – Single Use Plastic
Special Interest Group for Waste Management, Recycling and Alternative Fuels 

DATE: Friday 27th April 2018, 9.30am to 4.00pm
VENUE: Future Business Centre, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2HY (map)

Please join a round-table discussion in response to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Call for Evidence (CfE) on tackling the challenges and problems surrounding single-use plastic announced recently in his Spring Statement. Given the heightened public profile of the subject, contributions to this CfE are likely to be high and observing recent trends, it is thought that these submissions will be weighted towards the need for increased funding towards scientific research, penalty incentives towards packaging producers and scaling up existing recycling services. All of these are worthy of consideration but needs to balanced with pragmatic solutions, a clear strategy and institutional cohesion.

This round table is intended to draw together a group of leading SWM professionals, field practitioners, managers and those working at the front line of waste management to participate in thought leadership that may influence future government policy and funding. We’ll adopt an open agenda for the day but are keen to explore a couple of key themes surrounding international impacts, communications, council and collection services (kerbside and on-the-go). The output of the day will be a report submitted to the Chancellor of Exchequer via the CfE portal.

EnviroComms are covering the cost of the venue hire and will be providing lunch and refreshments. There is no cost to you or your organisation to participate.

To indicate your interest in attending this event, please get in touch with Stephen Bates, Director of Environmental Communications Consultants Ltd (EnviroComms), stephenb@envirocomms.com