Smarter Norwich

Smarter Norwich
DATE: 18 October
VENUE: Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia

Although there has been a growing political impetus for locally based energy solutions, industry rules and market structures are still an impediment, having been designed for centrally orientated, national-scale operations. Pixie Energy is building upon the region’s growing distributed energy sector, using its market knowledge and innovative capabilities. It is seeking to create solutions for the challenges that energy users face in engaging with and making smart grids work for them at the edges of the energy system.

On 18 October we want to launch, with your participation, “Smarter Norwich”. We want to tell you about some of our Smarter Norwich projects, part of a long-term vision we are calling Smart Energy Norwich 2030 (SEN2030). Smarter Norwich is a stepping-stone to building a flexible energy market integrating local generation, storage and demand, optimising the value offered and being inclusive of a wider set of energy system stakeholders.

Welcome and launch of Smarter Norwich
Nigel Cornwall, Founder, Pixie Energy
The Smarter Norwich 2030 vision
Nigel Hargreaves, Managing Director, Synfo
Smarter Norwich: Pillars of the project
Tom Andrews, Analyst, Cornwall Insight
Pixie Energy: Data and discovery
Ben Hardie, Analyst, Pixie Energy
Closing remarks, drinks reception and networking
17.00    Event close

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