Cambridge based David Ball Group announced as partner of Green Sky Thinking

Cambridge based David Ball Group announced as partner of Green Sky Thinking
David Ball Group plc
Cambridge Cleantech member David Ball Group has just been announced as the latest partner of Green Sky Thinking, a London-wide initiative, which aims to streamline sustainable practice into every stage of development of the built environment by engaging and educating industry professionals. David Ball Group is a perfect partner for the programme as they recently launched their zero-cement concrete Cemfree, which reduces the embedded carbon content of concrete by over 95%.
As partners of the programme, David Ball Group will be hosting an event during Green Sky Thinking Week (20-25 April 2015) aimed at architects, engineers and designers. The event will introduce the product, Cemfree, to those in the industry who are as yet unfamiliar with low-carbon concrete. Professionals will be able to look, see and feel the finished product and ask questions on technical and commercial aspects of reducing the embedded carbon cost of a building. They will also highlight the importance of durability and customer satisfaction to creating sustainable buildings and communities.
Becoming a partner of Green Sky Thinking, which is run and organised by Open City, allows David Ball Group to engage with other leading innovative companies within the construction and design industry. The Group believe that building connections with other innovators in the industry is vital for achieving successful sustainable development of the built environment, which is why it has relished the network-building opportunities offered through its membership of Cambridge Cleantech.
David Ball, Founder and Chairman of David Ball Group “At David Ball Group we champion sustainable practices and strongly believe in innovation and a circular approach to tackling green issues. We are delighted to support an organisation such as Green Sky Thinking which shares these values. We look forward to working with some of the major players in this area to advocate sustainable opportunities and bring about genuine change. “
As members of the Cambridge Cleantech special interest group ‘Smart Cities’, David Ball Group hopes its partnership of Green Sky Thinking Week will encourage those involved with building and designing sustainable cities to learn more about the products that can be specified and used to create urban environments that are truly resilient to the climate, economic and social challenges of tomorrow.
Details of the partnership and of the events David Ball Group is hosting will be posted on the website of Green Sky Thinking shortly: http://www.greenskythinking.org.uk/