Cambridge Cleantech Welcomes Opportunity to Comment on New Industrial Strategy

  • The Prime Minister Theresa May, today unveiled the Government’s new Green Paper on ‘Building our Industrial Strategy’. The draft strategy includes several priorities which are of importance to the cleantech sector including:
    • Delivering affordable energy and clean growth.  
    • Cultivating world leading sectors, including for low carbon vehicles.
    • Investing in science, research and innovation.
    • Supporting businesses to start and grow.
    • Improving procurement to drive innovation.
    • Upgrading infrastructure.
    • Encouraging trade and inward investment.
    • Developing skills
  • Martin Garratt CEO at Cambridge Cleantech comments “we are pleased that the Government has set out its stall in the draft new Industrial Strategy and that the Green Paper contains several priorities which are of importance to the cleantech sector including delivering affordable energy and clean growth, cultivating world leading sectors including low carbon vehicles and investing in science, research and innovation. The inclusion of improving Government procurement to support innovation is also key to the cleantech sector as we have previously lobbied Government to incorporate a sustainability requirement into major infrastructure schemes such as for HS2, to provide just such an impetus for cleantech companies.”
  • He went on to say that “the cleantech sector is in tune with the aims of the Green Paper as it drives productivity growth higher than many other business sectors and increasingly has opportunities for exporting cleantech products to emerging markets to help solve environmental issues. We will be consulting our members for their views and ideas and will respond to the Government with some clear and key suggestions and ideas to support the sector”.          
  • The Chairman of Cambridge Cleantech Hugh Parnell, comments that “the new draft Industrial Strategy is timely as we are currently undertaking a review of the strengths and needs of the sector and will be launching our own Cleantech Policy Document to present to Government which can shape the final Industrial Strategy”.