Free Exporter Currency Health Check for Cambridge Cleantech Members

It has been a turbulent start of the year for exporters and whilst many have benefited from the depreciation of Sterling since June 2016, 2018 has been a more difficult opening quarter and it is anticipated to be even harder to predict as the year goes on. Clear Treasury creates tailored treasury management solutions to protect their clients’ profits and assist with expanding their products and services internationally. Fluctuations in the currency markets can potentially result in large losses for companies and whilst it is difficult to receive international orders, once this stage has been reached, covering your currency risk is absolutely critical.
Whether you are an exporter or importer, engaging with Clear Treasury for a free currency health check, could save you a significant amount of time and cost.
Archie Reed has 5+ years’ experience in working with Cleantech companies in the UK. If you would like Archie to review your currency requirement, please contact him at:
0207 151 4873