Historical Hathersage Outdoor swimming pool solarium restored to former glory using innovative transparent solar glass

It’s no longer just swimmers catching the rays at the historical Hathersage outdoor swimming pool: A new Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solarium roof means that the complex itself is now harnessing the energy of the sun to generate clean, renewable electricity.
As part of the restoration of the historic solarium at the Hathersage lido, UK technology company Polysolar in collaboration with canopy providers 123v have installed revolutionary transparent solar-PV glazing into a smart, energy generating roof structure. Designed by architects Studio Gedye and commissioned by Hathersage Parish Council, the installation is a demonstration of the village’s commitment to maintaining the pools heritage whilst also embracing new green technologies. The project utilised local labour – David Garton (painter & decorator), Rob Ward (builder), and Keith Groom (structural engineer, Nashmead) – to facilitate the project, thus contributing to the local economy.
The solarium dating back to July 1936 originally consisted of Vita glass panels but was later replaced with sheet metal1. Installing Polysolar’s innovative transparent glass solar panels has allowed the solarium to return to its original design previously enjoyed by the pool goers. The panels, being 20% transparent, still allow natural light to penetrate the solarium without harmful UV rays and have the additional benefit of generating renewable electricity even at low light levels.
The BIPV solarium roof is capable of generating approximately 6000 kWh per year; enough electricity to make a significant contribution to the energy demands of the pool including showers, lighting etc.
“Listed one of the best lidos in the UK, this project shows how valuable, historic buildings can be brought up-to-date. Reducing their CO2 emissions while improving their facilities” – Hamish Watson, CEO of Polysolar