MSF Technologies Recruiting Engineers

How often do you get the chance to be part of a team developing new state-of-the-art technology? 
MSF Technologies put passion and dedication into developing
market leading, patented controllers and electric motors and integrating them into customer platforms. 
We are especially interested in candidates who have strong backgrounds with New Product Introduction and are experienced in working through Gated Processes.
Experience in Off-road Automation industry, or within the Green Energy Sector would be an advantage, as would translatable skills from related disciplines. 
Available posts are described below.  If you are looking for an opportunity where you can make a difference, send your CV and covering letter to  vacancies@msf-technologies.com
Visit the website, www.msf-technologies.com to meet our inventor & CEO and find out more about our products, and culture

Mechanical Engineers
Responsible for the mechanical elements of design, risk assessment, prototyping and review. Generating accurate, and well researched, drawings for multiple projects.
We are also actively seeking candidates with experience in: Motor Windings, Electric Motors & Automation
Embedded Engineers
Responsible for delivery of the firmware and software requirement, coding and debugging as well as proficient application of applying C in a multitasking embedded environment.
We are actively seeking candidates for Embedded and Software development roles.
Engineering Support
Responsible to create, assimilate, and convey technical material in a concise and effective manner. Providing support for the Design and Production team in fulfilling customer requirements.
We are actively seeking candidates with previous experiences as a Technical Author or Technical Assistant.
Electronic Engineers
Responsible for the hardware aspects of control, design of power systems and motor communication. Supporting Electronic design throughout the delivery of developmental projects.
We are, again, actively seeking candidates with a strong Electronic Design background within the Electric Motor Field.
System Engineers
Responsible for the efficient design of full functioning systems, including mechanical and electronic components. Focussing on design synthesis and system validation for brand new products.
We are actively seeking candidates with backgrounds in: Electrical Design, Systems Integration & Vehicle Electrics.
Responsible for assessing product designs, examining and testing products & equipment to various industry standards.
We are actively seeking candidates with previous experience under the job titles of Requirement Engineer, Compliance Engineer & Certification Enginee