Special Interest Groups

Cambridge Cleantech is developing a number of sector specific or topic based Special Interest Groups (SIG’s). Promoted and supported by a Founder "SIG Champion", SIG events provide expert insight into particular topics and a forum for debate, networking and potential joint commercial ventures.  
As the cleantech community grows, the number of SIG categories and events will increase.

The initial SIG’s being developed for a programme of events in 2012 are:

- Building Technologies
- Finance for Cleantech
- Low Carbon Vehicles
- Nuclear
- Smart Grids/Smart Meters
- Water
- Wave & Tidal
- Wind  

 Click on events, above, to see the latest dates for SIG events.  

Each SIG requires a Founder sponsor or "SIG Champion" but ideas and suggestions for new SIG’s are welcome form the broad base of members. 

If you wish to discuss an idea for a SIG contact:

Update Your SIG Membership
To receive invitations to events and other information on the most relevant topics please ensure that you have selected your sectors of interest in your membership profile (limit of 5).

If you are a non-member and wish to be able to sign up to your favourite topics at SIG events, then Join us here.