Connect with Europe’s leading cleantech clusters

SCALE-UP is a collaboration between several successful European cleantech clusters: Cambridge Cleantech, Clean Copenhagen, Clean Tech Delta, Rotterdam, Cleantech Flanders, EE.SH North Germany and Cleantech Inn Sweden.

For members of Cambridge Cleantech, SCALE-UP is a major opportunity to expand into Europe via a contract with an innovation hungry corporate and to network with like-minded European SMEs. By participating in Meet-the-Buyer events, members can develop contract opportunities with corporate buyers across the globe. The project is funded by the European Union INTERREG North Sea Region programme.

The SCALE-UP partners offer transnational business support services, and central to these are the tailor-made Meet the Buyer events. These events are designed to match large enterprises (buyers) to cleantech suppliers (innovators). The Meet the Buyer events bring large customers (buyers) with cleantech innovation needs together with SMEs with innovative cleantech products, services and solutions.



  • Get the right partner and solution for your cleantech buying need
  • Access SME innovations from across Europe
  • Gain insight into emerging technologies and sector innovations
  • Benefit from dedicated resources to support collaboration and partnership with the innovators