Planning, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources for a sustainable future.

There are many opportunities for innovation and collaboration around the water industry in the Cambridge region, and this SIG can also benefit from our links with Anglian Water and the Water Innovation Network. We are running this group in partnership with the Water Innovation Network.

This group is led by Adam Brooks (Anglian Water) and supported by Dr Richard Fenner (University of Cambridge) and Dr Ana Soares (Cranfield Water Science Institute).

Hydraloop to launch at CES 2020 Las Vegas

Cleantech Venture Day 2018 Innovator Hydraloop declared one of the top 50 most innovative Dutch tech start-ups and selected to launch at CES 2020 Las Vegas, accompanied by the Dutch Prince.

Collaborate with Turkish innovators

Here is an opportunity for cleantech SMEs in waste water management and solar sectors to collaborate with Turkish companies in these sectors. Selected companies are visiting the UK from 22-24 May as part of Innovate UK’s Newton Fund programme and looking to discuss potential joint R&D initiatives and knowledge sharing.