Meet the buyer

 Greater London Authority Meet The Buyer Event
DATE: 13 February 2019
VENUE: London Growth Hub, Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA
FOR: Small businesses based in London
WHY? Sell to big brand retailers or the public sector

Calling All London Cleantech Companies in the Smart Cities and Building Technologies Sectors: Pitch your Smart Cities Solutions to Shimizu Corporation and ENGIE

The Meet the Buyer (MTB) programme is recruiting London based SMEs to offer access to free pitch training and a Meet the Buyer event in February 2019 where you will meet up to three large corporate buyers looking for innovative solutions and partner opportunities in the smart cities and building technology sectors. You will also develop knowledge of selling to the public sector with training on identifying public sector opportunities and bid preparation. There are 20 places available.

To register your interest, please visit AND send an email to indicating briefly your offer in terms of products or services to meet the buyer’s needs case and also specifying which corporate buyer is of interest. The SME companies with the products which most closely match the corporate needs will be invited to attend the events and meet the corporate buyers.

The programme and corporate needs case/information is detailed below:

1. Can you provide energy efficient products and reduce carbon emissions in the construction sector? Pitch your ideas to Shimizu Corporation

Shimizu Corporation has over 210 years history in the general contracting/construction business. Shimizu has aspired to earn the trust of customers by devoting ourselves to our work and creating quality products. Shimizu will continue to create value that surpasses the expectations of our customers through ongoing innovation. Shimizu also aims to materialize the ecoBCP concept after the Great East Japan Earthquake through 1) countermeasures against massive earthquake, 2) securing energy self-sufficiency, 3) comfortable working environments, and 4) day-to-day energy savings. See more at

Based on Paris Climate Agreement, we have clear objectives to reduce global warming gases for future generations. In Shimizu’s main business of construction, great effort has been invested in energy saving building technologies, and we have achieved zero emission for a client’s office building as well as more than 60% CO2 emission reduction in our head office (awarded the Top-Level Office Building in Tokyo). Shimizu is also seeking new business projects that are sustainable and contribute to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

For this event, Shimizu is looking for innovative companies to identify new partnerships, ideas, technologies or methodologies that can help Shimizu to achieve sustainable business promotion and establishment. Shimizu is looking for solutions to reduce their global carbon footprint and is willing to collaborate with a broad range of companies from start-ups to Corporates.

Shimizu is primarily looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • High-value added usage of alternative materials derived from wood, such as lignin
  • Microalgae biomass production and its usage for functional food/feed
  • Carbon isolation from CO2 and its usage
  • Highly efficient CO2 emission reduction technologies /methodologies

2. Can you provide new products and new technologies in the smart cities & homes, energy management and land reclamation sectors? Pitch your ideas to ENGIE

ENGIE is committed to responsible growth of its businesses (power, natural gas and energy services) in response to the central challenges of the energy transition towards a low-carbon economy: providing access to sustainably generated energy, combating climate change, reducing its effect and making responsible use of natural resources. The Group is developing high-performance, innovative solutions for personal customers, urban authorities and companies by applying its expertise in three key sectors: renewables, energy efficiency and digital technologies. An overview of the business sectors and related areas of innovation search below.

ENGIE UK&I has capabilities in energy, building services and regeneration. ENGIE UK&I is interested in innovative new solutions and in developing future cooperation with innovators, including in the possibility of pilot projects. ENGIE UK&I is interested in pioneering the future of low carbon energy infrastructure, introducing digital technologies, providing energy as a service and ultimately shaping place.

The following topics and sectors are of particular interest to ENGIE UK&I:

  • Smart cities
  • Smart homes
  • Smart construction
  • Smart buildings
  • Energy management
  • Green gas
  • Microgrids
  • Low carbon transport
  • Land reclamation