Meet the Buyer event – Halle

Date: 21 March 2019
Venue: City Hall, Oudstrijdersplein 18, 1500 Halle (Belgium)
For: SMEs working in smart and sustainable street lighting

The city of Halle, Belgium, is looking for innovative, original and sustainable solutions for local production, storage and transport of renewable energy needed for street lighting. The city of Halle wishes to demonstrate that the achievement of the climate targets of 2050, being 80% less greenhouse gases, is possible for some activities. To this end, the city has decided to focus on smart and sustainable street lighting using adaptive intelligent lighting controls technology to maximize energy efficiency and carbon reduction. They aim to produce the energy required for this purpose locally and on a renewable basis and furthermore store and connect this energy to the public lighting network. See the buyer profile for more details.

If you are interested in participating in 1-1 meetings with Halle, write to with a brief description of your company and the solution you are offering, along with a link to your company website.

Deadline for applications: 8 March 2019