Meet the Buyer

Pitch your ideas to Urban&Civic

 Trinity Centre, 24 Cambridge Science Park, 24 Milton Rd, Milton, Cambridge CB4 0FN
 10 July 2019, 3 pm – 5 pm

Leading property development and investment company Urban&Civic and global energy company Enzen are looking to meet cleantech innovators.

About the company: Who is Urban&Civic and what do we do? At the core of our business is delivering key new communities, and that includes direct delivery of several million sq ft of workplaces, schools and community buildings, green space and open public places and a full range of transport, digital, energy and utility infrastructure. And working with housebuilder partners to bring forward thousands of new homes within our masterplan and on our serviced land parcels. We have 7 schemes underway, with 3 in Cambridgeshire, and more in the pipeline.

Urban & Civic is looking for innovations in:

Water Consumption
Urban&Civic face the challenge of delivering large scale developments and supplying potable water to our customers and residents. We have an interest in the introduction of technology to reduce water consumption in our commercial buildings and in leak-sourcing technology for our estates team when managing our sites.
We are seeking to find new and innovative technologies that are cost effective, smart and will deliver improvements, reduce and monitor consumption, and reduce demand on infrastructure.

Cycling lighting
Urban&Civic deliver the infrastructure required by large scale developments including cycle connections on site and to surrounding destinations. We face the challenge of delivering connections often close to ecologically or publically sensitive areas but still are required to deliver a safe usable and adoptable network.
We are looking for improving and innovative technologies which will deliver safe, effective and sensitive solutions to lighting requirements. Solutions must minimise impact on surrounding locations while being able to provide a lit passage through often rural and isolated areas.

Urban&Civic deliver the utility infrastructure required by large scale developments. We have an interest in renewable and sustainable power supplies. We are seeking options to split services between direct power and social EVCP and new and innovative ways to generate and operate those services.

Recycled Material
Urban&Civic have the opportunity to recycle significant amounts of material suitable for use on large infrastructure developments. The potential for the re-use of material is limited specifically in adoptable areas by local authorities. We are seeking new innovative methods to pilot and demonstrate the potential for material re-use such as concrete and plastics in highways and the use of LED, bollard and reflective surfaces for lighting in adoptable areas.

Soil Management
Urban&Civic develop large sites with varying quality of soils and subsoils. Our developments are spread over several hundred acres and are often brown field sites requiring large spread remediation. We are continually looking to improve our understanding of the different technologies and methodologies in soil remediation and amelioration and how this can be applied through onsite solutions on our developments.

Carbon Management
Urban&Civic sites have the potential for significant carbon mitigation of construction through species management of woodland on sites. We are looking to improve how to capture robust and accessible information on carbon capture of trees and how different species can offset the carbon production that construction generates.


In order to apply for 1-1 meetings with Urban&Civic, contact Anthony Baltz at by Thursday 4th July, with

  • A description of your company
  • A link to your website
  • Proposed solution you would like to offer

Deadline for applications: 4 July 2019