Wind Energy Project

Tunisia Grants Licences to 120 MW of Wind Projects

Tunisia’s Ministry of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises has awarded licences to four onshore wind projects totally 120 MW with a total investment of TND 400 million (USD 134.5m). The four companies which have won licences will build wind farms of 30 MW each (Germany’s ABO Wind AG, Netherlands-based UPC Tunisia Renewables, and French firms Lucia Holding & VSB Energies Nouvelles). The companies will then sell the output to state utility STEG at prices ranging from TND110 to TND135/MWh (€31.70-€39/MW) for 20 years.

Tunisia aims to generate 30% of its electricity from renewables by 2030. The goal will be achieved through the addition of 1 GW of capacity in 2017-2020 and 1.25 GW in 2021-2030.


Abo Wind (30MW)
Mornag, Ben Arous governate


UPC Renewables (30MW)
Jebel Kchabta, Bizerte governate
Lucia Holding (30MW)
Jebel Sidi Bchir, Bizerte governate


VSB Energies Nouvelles (30MW)
El Batiha, Bizerte governate

Focusing on the Renewable Energy Development in Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, the 2nd North Africa Renewable Energy Summit (Casablanca, Morocco | June 24-25) will present updates and forecasts on the sector along with a site tour which hosted by the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy. Helping you to explore the market, achieve tenders and secure captive opportunities.

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