Networking opportunity

Opportunity to collaborate with Turkish innovators


The conference is planned to take place on an alternate date, taking into account the current situation regarding coronavirus.

Selected Turkish companies in the waste water management and solar sectors are visiting the UK from 22-24 May as part of Innovate UK’s Newton Fund programme. UK companies can benefit from the programme by:

  • Meeting and discussing potential synergies for joint R&D initiatives and sharing know-how and expertise;
  • Joining a delegation visit to Turkey in Autumn 2019 funded by the Newton Fund

Read more about this Innovate UK Newton Fund programme, T-DEB, a bilateral programme promoting R&D partnerships between Turkey and the UK:

The visiting companies and their partnering objectives are:

Aquamatch: Industrial water treatment, desalination

  • Sharing knowledge on the future of water treatment technologies. For example, we would like to share our experience with renewable-based water treatment systems.
  • Sharing insights on market expansions. We are active in 34 countries, and still want to discover new market opportunities.
  • Developing a deeper understanding of water treatment sector in the UK and wider Europe.

Arges: Industrial wastewater treatment, sludge drying, membrane modules

  • Low Heat Sludge Dryer: Reduction of heat loss, specification of safety and measuring equipment, overall improvement of the design
  • Solar Sludge Drying: Develop the operating system with additional heat source and incineration of dried sludge to heat a greenhouse, resulting in reduced carbon footprint
  • Improve Membrane Modules
  • Improve the design of Modular WWTP, especially for IFASS applications

OTTO Technological Cleaning Solutions: Eco-friendly washing technologies, water conservation

  • Know-how on hydrodynamics and manufacturing for development and improvement of our pressure pumps, which currently work at 6-9 bar with 4-6 litres/min water consumption.
  • Collaborating with cleantech companies that produce eco-friendly cleaning products in liquid form with the aim of developing foams, gels and rinse-less washing materials.
  • Development of unique products that can easily clean metal surfaces without abrasion or leaving residual; testing the machine on site with a range of surfaces.

Lucida Solar: Renewable energy, solar energy, solar thermal, CSP 

  • Collaborating with existing companies to improve solar CSP technology
  • Developing our current automation system with strategic partners

The complete company profiles and their requirements for collaborative R&D projects are listed here: 

If you would like to participate or know more about this opportunity, please contact by 12th May 2019.