Keynote Session

9:15 Working Together for a 1.5c Future   Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley FRSB, Director of Innovation and Impact, British Antarctic Survey
9:30 How can we support clean growth in Cambridge? Councillor Lewis Herbert, Leader, Cambridge City Council
9:45 Sustainable Development – the business case Mark Harper, Deputy-Head of Sustainable Development, John Swire and Sons
10:00 Panel discussion: Climate and the political and corporate response Speakers and Industry Experts including Innovate UK and Martin Garratt

Cleantech Trends & Corporate Innovation Needs

10:20 How design engineering can overcome global challenges to create a more sustainable future     Professor Peter Childs, Head of School, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial
10:30 Technology innovation, beyond water, for water utilities Dr Adam Brookes, Programme Manager – Technology Innovation, Anglian Water
10:40 The role of patents as an enabler for innovation Pawel Piotrowicz, BSc PhD CPA EPA, Partner, Patent Attorney, Venner Shipley LLP
10:50 Innovation debate: Next steps for a cleantech innovation strategy Speakers and Josephine Reynolds, journalist and writer at the United Nations

Chaired by Chris Hole, Senior Consultant, TTP

11:05 Coffee break

International Smarter Cities

11.25 Introduction Jeff Tucker, Chairman, Asia Group- Cambridge Cleantech; Director of Sustainability, Pacific Basin Economic Council
11.26 Future Cities, Transport and Infrastructure – the Clean Future Now Dr Fabio Galatioto, Senior Technologist, Connected Places Catapult
11:35 Breathe your Life Mario Sforza, MSc, Regional Business Development Manager, UK, IsCleanAir Global Solutions
11:45 Best practices for waste management in the UK and Beyond Adam Read, External affairs Director, Suez Recycling &Recovery UK
11:55 Latest Trends in Smart Transport Karla Jakeman, Innovation Lead, Innovate UK
12:05 Concluding remarks and launch of SCI-FI smart cities competition Anothony Baltz, EU Project Manager, Cambridge Cleantech

Clean Growth – the Strategic Opportunity from National to Regional and Local

12:10 Achieving a Carbon Neutral Water Sector in the UK  Steve Kaye, CEO, UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR)
12:25 A sustainable Oxford to Cambridge Arc Lewis Knight, Senior Manager, Bioregional
12:40 The County perspective on clean growth from environmental, to economic development and international Councillor Steve Count, Leader, Cambridgeshire County Council
12:55 Panel Discussion Chaired by Sir Robin Young and the Speakers
13:10 Lunch Lunch sponsor’s address by Peter Dawe OBE, Innovator, Dawe Group

Future Opportunities

14:30 Seeking Sustainable Urban Solutions in Cambridgeshire and Beyond   Rebecca Britton, Communications, Communities and Partnerships, Urban & Civic
14:40 Developing and Searching for New Technologies in the Energy and Water Sectors at Enzen Mark Skilton, Head of Digital Strategy, Applied Research & Collaboration (ARC) and Tacis Gavoyannis, Global head of Smart Cities, Enzen
14:50 Investment funds: a way to get you to your next opportunity? Holly Stockbridge, Innovation Manager, Engie
15:00 Close of conference Networking

Meet the Buyer Event

15:00 Scale Up Event: Introduction to corporate looking for innovation: Enzen Cambridge Cleantech:

Hugh Parnell, Chairman, Sam Goodall, European Projects Manager, Anthony Baltz, EU Project Manager

  One-to-one meetings between corporates and SMEs
17:00 Close

A big thank you to all our sponsors: