From clothes that grow to making paper from wheat: Meet the  companies who will pitch at Cleantech Venture Day



Cambridge Cleantech is delighted to announce the complete selection of startups who will pitch to an audience of experienced investors at Cleantech Venture Day on 11th & 12th February 2020.


After receiving over a hundred applications, we are now very happy to announce the companies who will pitch to grow their venture at Cleantech Venture Day, a pitching-and-investment event for climate-positive technology in London. Their technologies range from eco-friendly laundry and smart grid technology to zero carbon biophilic accommodation.  With the growing urgency surrounding the climate emergency, there has never been a more crucial time to support climate-positive technologies and Cleantech Venture Day offers financiers the chance to meet some of the most highly innovative and investment-ready cleantech companies around Europe.


The following innovators have made the shortlist:


  • Green Unit Limited– designs and manufactures ultra-low carbon eco-buildings, including offices and residences as well as health and wellness spaces and school classrooms.
  • Oxwash – an eco on-demand laundry and dry cleaning start-up, based in Oxford, taking an award winning and sustainable approach to laundry by minimising waste and detrimental environmental impact where possible.
  • FocalSun –  an innovative tech company that produced the first light-weight solar rooftop technology.
  • Flit – Cambridge based Start-up which develops lightweight folding E-bikes for urban commuters.
  • Nacifi Environmental Research Ltd – developers of a low-carbon process to transform cereal straw, such as wheat, barley, or oat into unbleached paper pulp, which can be used for packaging and other paper products.
  • Petit Pli Ltd– to address the waste generated by the garment industry, they engineer clothes that grow with humans, based in London.
  • Orxa Grid Ltd– a technology start-up which seeks to support integration of low carbon technologies into the electricity grid to help meet global clean energy ambitions.
  • TechnoCarbon – develops low carbon substitutes for concrete, aluminium and steel in the buildings, infrastructure and transportation industries.
  • Vortexiot Ltd– based in Wales, builds next generation sensor and network systems for managing environmental compliance through hyperlocal air quality and pollution monitoring.
  • Connected Energy– developing smart meters for solar PV and biogas, for emerging energy economies.
  • Zedify UK – the zero emissions alternative to urban logistics and deliveries that makes cities more livable, happier and healthier environments.
  • VH quatrevintreize– French SME which is uses hydropower with the vision to build a 100% sustainable worldwide energy system.
  • PassivPod– an award-winning designer and builder of zero carbon biophilic accommodation.
  • Cambond– develop plant-based, sustainable resin for a number of adhesive formulations or biomaterials composites.
  • Qualus –  significantly reduce water and chemical usage in leather production.
  • Origami – software that provides remote, real-time monitoring and intelligent control of large numbers and types of energy assets.
  • Sylfen – hydrogen-based energy storage solution.
  • Broadbit Batteries – new scalable sodium chloride (table salt) battery technology with 50% more energy per unit cost and 25% more energy per unit mass than lithium-ion.
  • AW-Energy – developed, demonstrated and certified the first wave energy technology suitable for utility-scale electricity production.
  • Solaris Photonics – offer turn key fabrication lines for lowest-cost and high efficiency Solar Photovoltaic Modules.
  • CCM Technologies – convert captured carbon dioxide and other waste streams into stable value-added materials with multiple uses including fertiliser, plastics and energy storage.
  • Powerquad – enable distributed energy storage throughout a building so that retrofitting is possible to a large number of commercial premises.
  • Creol – Creol allows users to control and their own buildings, by getting concise verified live data to control buildings and help reduce energy consumption.


Cleantech Venture Days have been running since 2006, and over the last 13 years more than 220 companies have pitched their ideas and as much as 600 million euros have been invested post the events. Cambridge Cleantech has been hosting the event in London since 2017 and this year are partnering with Avanto Ventures and Oxfordshire Greentech to run the event at two wonderful venues, the Residence de France and Number Twenty (KPMG) in London.

Clean Growth UK, one of the sponsors, state how important it is for these events to be held: “We work every day with amazing innovators helping them to develop and commercialise the technologies and services we so urgently need for a net zero economy. Their journeys are often tough so any help they can get to link seamlessly to investors is a valuable boost. We need to do all we can to help our green innovation eco system thrive, especially in the run up to the UK’s hosting of the UN Climate Change summit in 2020”.

“We are very excited to see the list of companies that will be pitching on CVD 2020. There are some very innovative business propositions here, and it will be very much a ‘target rich environment’ for investors. As a sponsor of the event, we very much look forward to hearing about what these companies have to bring to the ever-growing cleantech sector”, agrees Andrew Priest, partner at Hewitsons, also a sponsor, and one of the judges for the pitching process.

We are very thankful to them and our sponsors KPMG, Choose Paris Region and J A Kemp, all for making this event possible.

With over a hundred applications received, the investor jury and team have worked hard to narrow it down: “In the process of paring down the entries, we were delighted with the quality all these investment-ready and innovative companies. Everything from wearable technology to zero carbon accommodation, smart meters, hydropower and solar power will now be presented on the 11th-12th February in London, a wonderful commercial opportunity for investors.”, says Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech.

In conjunction with the event, Cambridge Cleantech will be hosting Meet the Buyer events with Schneider Electric, CapGemini, LafargeHolcim, Societe de Grand Paris and Bouygues. Details on how to apply can be found here.


Find out all about Cleantech Venture Day here, and read the full agenda here.


A big thank you to all our partners: