SCIFI Open Call 2 – Selected Companies & Pilot Booster Program Launch



On 23 January 2020, the Interreg 2 Seas project Smart City Innovation Framework Innovation (SCIFI) will launch the Pilot Booster Program in Brussels. The launch will take place as part of Connected Smart Cities & Communities (CSCC), the annual conference organised by Open & Agile Smart Cities in Brussels.

We are very excited to announce the European startups and SMEs working on smart city solutions who have been selected in this second open call.

The lucky selected companies will now enter the Pilot Booster Program and will start implementing their projects, which are funded up to €10,000 to support pilot, proof of concept, minimum viable product or other solution development goals. They will have access to technology and datasets, as well as training and advice by SCIFI experts, in subjects such as data science, open data and business skills.

Following rounds of consultation with their citizens, the SCIFI partner cities defined six challenges to be piloted in the environment and mobility sectors: Pedestrian Flow, Multimodal Transport, Bicycle Flows, Access and Parking, Facilities Maintenance, and Urban Logistics Vehicles.

The selected companies to tackle these challenges are:

  • Always Blue
    • Challenges:
      • Pedestrian Flow – Reusing pedestrian flow to optimize local decision making (Saint-Quentin)
      • Facilities Maintenance – Prioritizing interventions to maintain cleanliness facilities (Saint-Quentin)


  • Gamification Nation
    • Challenge:
      • Multimodal Transport – Sustainable multimodal transport options for journeys up to 7 km (Bruges)



  • Skialabs
    • Challenge:
      • Bicycle Flows – Improving bicycle flows through the city (Delft)



  • CommuniThings
    • Challenge:
      • Access and Parking – Improving access and parking in the city center (Saint Quentin)


  • Waste Vision
    • Challenge:
      • Urban Logistics Vehicles – Optimizing circulation of the local authority’s urban logistics vehicles (Bruges)


  • Suwaco
    • Challenge:
      • Urban Logistics Vehicles – Optimizing circulation of the local authority’s urban logistics vehicles (Bruges)


First call

The first call in 2018 was a major success with six innovators selected for pilot projects. The winners entered a 6-month accelerator programme with the four cities who are part of the project, Saint Quentin, Delft, Bruges and Mechelen. For more information, click here.

We are very excited to find out what the collaboration of the next six companies with the partner cities will bring and look forward to working together.