Building “Antifragile” SMEs: Innovation & sustainability beyond resilience


Join our workshop & learn how to make your business more than just resilient to shocks – learn how to become strong and thrive through them



What is more future-fit than a business which is resilient to shocks? One that goes beyond resilience; one that is “antifragile”.

According to statistician and former risk analyst Nassim Taleb, fragile things break under volatility, while things that are “antifragile” get better and better. Rather than simply being resilient by withstanding external shocks, antifragile businesses thrive under volatility. Given the rapid social and ecological changes happening around us – coronavirus, climate change, Brexit and digital disruption – how can your business cultivate antifragility? How can it continuously innovate for the long-term amidst uncertainty – to create social, environmental, and financial value?

In this online workshop, we will:

  • Explore what antifragility means for you and your organisation
  • Learn how to unlock innovative mindsets and capabilities needed for your organisation to become antifragile, based on pioneering ideas emerging from prestigious academic institutions like Oxford and Harvard University
  • Share knowledge and network with other sustainable business leaders