Covid-19 – Integrated Resources provides you with legal employment advice and information 



At this incredibly challenging time, it is important for any company to have access to expert employment law advice. Founding Cambridge Cleantech member Integrated Resources, can offer all our members free employment advice, including job retention scheme, furlough clarification, and updates.

Claire Vane, Managing Director at  Integrated Resources will be happy to help.

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There are still queries on the employment aspects on Covid-19 and these are likely to continue. The Head of the HMRC has made it clear that the HMRC will take action for abuse of the system after the current crisis had ended, so it is important to keep up with updates to ensure your organisation is following the guidelines correctly. As a reminder, formal clarity has not been given to all aspects of the scheme, so we can only advise you on what we know so far, and interpret the more grey areas so that you are not at risk when clarity is given.


Check their FAQ for useful information.


Have a look at the Integrated Resources training brochure. This brochure will give you a better understanding of the company’s diverse resources. It includes very useful and pertinent information, such as effective management or returners to work.


Claire also did a short video in regards to Covid-19 and how exactly is Integrated Resources is helping during those challenging times, make sure to check it out!