Munich Tech Days – Cleantech Innovation in the UK presented by Cambridge Cleantech




Join us at Tech Days Munich, a hotspot for founders, entrepreneurs, and creatives in cyberspace. Every year, innovation managers from the corporate world mingle with digital natives to exchange their views on ongoing transformation, new ways of creation, organizing, or accelerating innovation.

With this year’s clear focus on cleantech, Cambridge Cleantech & Oxfordshire Greentech have put together a showcase of some of the most exciting companies from the UK. The showcase will be introduced by Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge, Phillipa Hoy from Oxfordshire Greentech and Kenan Poleo, Her Majesty’s Deputy Trade Commissioner for Europe & Counsellor International Trade Germany.


We have selected 8 Cambridge Cleantech & Oxfordshire Greentech members, all exciting companies from the UK working in this sector,  to introduce their work to the Tech Days audience.  



Pitch N1: Out of the furnace and into the leaching tank – aqueous technology for the recycling of end-of-life batteries


Speaker: Dr. Athan Fox from Aurelius Technology Ltd
: Waste Management (Recycling batteries)
Technology: Hydrometallurgy

Aurelius Technology’s aim is to revolutionise recycling. Their vision is a web of industries where one stream’s waste is another stream’s in-feed: bridging linear and wasteful processes to create a circular, pollution-free, zero-waste future. Their projects include the recycling of lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, end-of-life tyres, plastics and more.





Pitch N2: Collaborations (and Innovation) in Time of Pandemic


Speaker: Dr Jessica Ocampos from Camnexus Ltd
Category: Environmental Monitoring & IoT (Air pollution and environmental monitoring in Latin America)
Technology: IoT Solutions, Connecting sensors and diagnostics


Co-founder and director of Camnexus, tech start-up of the University of Cambridge and tech transfer platform, that responds to the global challenges in sustainable development through digitalisation and smart transformation. PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge and Biotechnology Engineer from the University of Chile.




Pitch N3: Space-age laundry: sustainable sterilisation at 20° C


Speaker: Tom de Wilton from Oxwash 
Category: Circular Economy (Water)
Technology: re-engineering the laundry process


From Treehouses to washing sheets, how a space age laundry startup is disrupting the market with their ultra-sustainable approach to on-demand laundry. Can Covid-19 sterilisation be achieved at ambient temperature? Oxwash certainly think so and are willing to put their money where their mouth is to prove it.





Pitch N4: How to baseline and reduce CO2e emissions from buildings, operations, and fleet.


Speaker: Alan Asbury from CLS energy
Category: Energy efficiency (Personal aim of being carbon neutral in 5 years)
Technology: CLS energy


CLS Energy (Consultancy) ltd are an independent chartered and specialist energy and fleet consultancy based in Oxford, England. Delivering investment grade energy and fleet audits
(including EED, ESOS, SECR, ISO 50001, 14064), carbon foot-printing and climate emergency assistance to large companies and municipalities across the UK and Europe. Registered and qualified to conduct EED ESOS Audits in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Eire.




Pitch N5: Kasumi catalysts to carbonize organic waste mixed with plastic on-site


Speaker: Tadashi Kubo from AC Biode 
Category: Circular Economy (Plastics)
Technology: Carbonizing organic waste mixed with plastic on-site


Chemical recycling can turn the most difficult-to-recycle plastics into fuels, carbon, or virgin plastic rather than sending them to incinerators. It can transform them to create a circular economy. AC biode has two types of catalysts: “Kasumi”, carbonize organic waste mixed with plastic on-site, and  Plastalyst, to decompose plastics on-site from polymer to monomer.



Pitch N6: Reforestum: Building trust & transparency in the forest carbon market


Speaker: Alban Bressand from Reforestum 
Category: Carbon Offsetting (Reducing carbon footprint via planting trees + calculating carbon emission).
Technology: Online Co2 emission measurement platform


Reforestum is an online marketplace to drive reforestation and forest conservation, incentivizing companies and individuals to easily offset their carbon footprint by acquiring and tracking forest shares and carbon credits.



Pitch N7: Blue Tap – 3D printed water purification

Speaker: Francesca O’Hanlon from Blue Tap
Category: Water resilience
Technology: Blue Tap – 3D printed water purification


Francesca built the idea for Blue Tap after working with plumbers all over the world and repeatedly hearing that we need a better way to reliably chlorinate water. She is finishing her PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge.




Pitch N8: Title of speech: Provisional “Magnetic refrigeration: the cooling technology of the future”

Speaker: Dr Alessandro Pastore from Camfridge
Category: Energy Efficiency
Technology: Gas-free magnetic refrigeration technology


Executive director Business Development, Current member of the DIN standardization group on Magnetocaloric and speaker at a number of international magnetic refrigeration conferences. Author of articles published in magazines including Industria & Formazione and RAC.