Cleantech Venture Day 2023 – Application to Pitch





Applications are open for the next Cleantech Venture Day, which will be held as part of the Climate Tech Innovation Summit.

Pitching Day:  11th October 2023 |  KPMG, Canary Wharf, London

Application deadline: 30th April 2023

Who can apply:


  • All Cleantech solutions are welcome (View what cleantech means here).  Key sectors: Energy. Transport, Building Environment, Water, Circular Economy
  • Open to companies from anywhere seeking Seed, Series A and B funds.
  • Companies who already applied to previous Cleantech Venture Days can reapply. Please note that some of the judges will be different from previous events.
  • You can apply if you are pre-revenue.
  • The pitching day will be in London (Venue to be confirmed), with a possibility to join online.


Please kindly note, that if you are selected, you will need to:


  • Register for a discounted ticket on Eventbrite separately to ensure entry to the event.
  • Attend a pitching training session, on 21st September, from 1 pm.


Criteria for Selection for Cleantech Venture Day October 23


The Advisory Board will use the following criteria to assess your company’s investment readiness:

  1. Is there clarity about the stage of growth of the business and about what level of funding is being sought? Please specify the amount of funding or, at least, a range.
  2. Is this a viable, sustainable, innovative and defendable technology scalable and responding to a market demand?
  3. Is there a commercially viable business model and plan that has been researched and costed?
  4. Is the team, as described, judged capable of developing this as a viable business?
  5. Is the business likely to make a  contribution to the cleantech economy i.e. make a difference to energy/waste/buildings/carbon reduction etc. for the broader benefits of society?



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