News – Polysolar Glass to Power EV Charging Hub at Bristol and Bath Science Park

Published on the 29th of July 2020

Some of the latest news from one of our longstanding members, Polysolar.  

Polysolar Solar Glass to Power Electric Vehicle Charging Hub at Bristol and Bath Science Park


Construction has started on a renewable power generating EV charging hub at Bristol and Bath Science Park as part of the South Gloucestershire County Council’s programme of rolling out EV charging points across the county.


The council is installing 14 charge points as the first phase, with one fast and five rapid charge points at their flagship West of England charging Hub at Bristol & Bath Science Park (BBSP) in Emersons Green, which features the Polysolar PV canopy.


Hamish Watson, CEO of Polysolar said “The company is delighted to have won the competitive tender to design, manufacture and install the EV Hub at Bristol & Bath Science Park.  We are building a highly innovative and attractive transparent solar glass canopy that will generate renewable electricity and provide a comfortable and secure environment for charging your car.”


Polysolar secure public sector contract for its transparent power generating EV charging hub


The EV install programme is part of Revive’s (West of England authorities partnership with GULW) investment into EV infrastructure. Polysolar were commissioned by South Gloucestershire to project manage the design and install the power generating canopy thanks to its aesthetic architectural designs and the company’s ability to offer an end to end solution and wide skill set. The project should be fully operational by the end of the year.


Cllr Steve Reade, Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and the Strategic Environment, said, “It’s hoped that these improvements will give residents and businesses the confidence to invest in electric vehicles over the coming years and in turn to help lower carbon emissions. There are a range of benefits from electric vehicles, including improved air quality and economic benefits”.


This is just the start of the South  Gloucestershire’s ambitions, with plans for a number more at sites across the area, working to better understand future demand and deliver significant improvements to the EV charging experience over the next few years.


Polysolar is currently crowdfunding. Watch their crowdfunding pitch here.


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