E-meet the buyer: Opportunity in Denmark for companies specialised in recycling (Webinar)




Online Event – 11th August 2020 | 09:00am – 10:30am BST


Dansk Retursystem (DRS) is an environmental company in charge of collecting and sorting beverage containers for recycling in a circular loop. They are looking for a convenient solution, which can secure and compress PET, aluminum and glass for recycling. The solution also needs to include IoT. More information here.


At the webinar, DRS will present their needs and SMEs will subsequently have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and get to know DRS better before a possible 1:1 meeting.


Why should companies attend?

• Understand the opportunities that are available at DRS.

•  Hear more about how to apply for them.

• Learn about Cambridge Cleantech’s work in helping innovation.