The Sustainable Smart Homes SIG


In response to the call to build back better in the UK, Cambridge Cleantech launched in September 2020 a new Sustainable Smart Homes Special Interest Group that is focusing on:


  • Sustainable – Includes retrofitting existing properties and new builds in order to meet the 2050 Carbon Zero targets.
  • Smart – All aspects of technology that involves intelligent home energy systems, actively encouraging cooperation and development of innovative solutions.
  • Homes – Focuses on domestic properties (not commercial/non-domestic properties).



This SIG group, chaired by Peter Bates, primarily looks at the UK market and its 27 million homes, many of which will require deep retrofitting and installation of renewable energy services, in order for the UK to meet it’s legal Zero Carbon targets by 2050.




Peter Bates, the SIG facilitator and Senior Partner of pjb Associates, has 30 years of experience in “innovative ways of doing things”. Peter has spent the last decade focusing on innovation in energy efficiency and renewables in the domestic market. His presence is certain to be valuable in our newest SIG: Sustainable Smart Homes.


Why you should attend

  • Understand the UK market and the compulsory services required by 2050, focussing on retrofitting and the installation of renewable energy.
  • There is an urgency to change our emisison retrofiting homes, your thoughts, services or products can make a difference.
  • Hear more about innovative companies in the UK, with the opportunity to directly discuss the most innovative projects.
  • Learn about Cambridge Cleantech and pjb Associates’ work in bringing together sustainable solutions for the domestic market


Upcoming events include:

  • Storing Cheap Electricity in an EV for use in the Home (Date TBC)
  • Are Rural Community Heating Networks Sustainable? What lessons can be learnt (Date TBC)



Past Events (Recordings Available)