New Business Opportunities in Poland: The UK-Polish TechChallenge – Webinar





Tuesday 6th October 2020 | 11:00 am -12:15 pm BST

Online Webinar


Polish corporates are looking for innovative UK-based solutions!

Join us to hear about the UK-Polish TechChallenge, a joint initiative of the Polish Ministry of Economic Development, the British Embassy in Warsaw, and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.


Learn how the British Embassy in Warsaw & Cambridge Cleantech can support your business development.


Understand the innovation needs from 3 Polish Corporates and sharpen your pens to apply for potential contracts!

Read the innovation needs here.




Welcome & Introductions: Martin Garratt, CEO, Cambridge Cleantech

How can the British Embassy Warsaw can support your Business to reach out to the Polish Market: Michał Sobczyk, Digital and Business Attaché, British Embassy Warsaw

The UK-Polish TechChallenge:

PKN Orlen – fuels and energy sector; oil refinery and petrol retail
Challenge 1: Method of utilization of CO2 recovered from process stream from Refinery units
Challenge 2: Waste heat recovery / conversion (80-120C) contained in water or hydrocarbon streams
Challenge 3: Conversion of plastic waste into the hydrocarbon fraction that can be processed in Refinery

PCC Rokita – one of the leading chemical companies in Europe
Challenge 4: Treatment and return of brine wastewater
Challenge 5: Use of CO2 in chemical synthesis
Challenge 6: Technologies and products based on plastics from waste
Challenge 7: Green sources of ethylene, other olefins, and alcohols including glycols
Challenge 8: Energy sources from waste heat streams

Grupa Azoty – one of the leading players on the European fertilizer and chemical markets.
Challenge 13: Innovative technologies in material engineering

Q&A: Martin Garratt, Michal Sobcyk, and Camila Vila 


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View more information on the challenges:

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