News – Call for partners to help solve the world’s biggest environmental problem: Anthropocene waste

Published on 7th September 2020


The mission is to find partners with existing recycling, manufacturing, and retail facilities that can be linked together to form a circular economy that can deal with plastics pollution in an effective, sustainable, and profitable way.

We live in the ‘Anthropocene Age’1 – a time where human technology and exploitation of resources have changed the surface and environment of our planet.
The consumption of fossil fuels has driven climate change altering our environment. Drilling spills, mining spoils, power generation ash, paper, and plastics manufacturing have produced contaminated land and pollution of the oceans by plastics.


No country has a re-cycling system efficient enough to avoid the accumulation of wastes. Plastics, once symbolic of modern life, are now regarded as a curse of the Anthropocene age.


Re-cycling rates are low (<30%) and the bulk of this ‘modern miracle’ material (>60%) is burnt or sent to landfill, generating millions of tonnes of CO2, hazardous microplastics, and global environmental pollution.

We are looking to tackle this problem by applying innovation. By linking existing expertise in retail, recycling, and manufacturing we could take plastics destined for burning or landfill RDF (refuse-derived fuels) and turn them into valuable products for consumers.


Our project is looking for partners to develop Anthropocene mining.
• Anthropocene wastes are a valuable resource
• Anthropocene wastes can be used for making products – they can be mined
• Anthropocene materials can replace virgin materials in products
• Anthropocene mined products can be recycled to create a circular economy

Turning Anthropocene wastes into products provides a potent reason to invest in and scale existing businesses to manufacturing low carbon, re-cycled plastic products, and build a sustainable circular economy for a new world.



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