UK-Polish TechChallenge



Deadline to apply: 23 November 2020

Save the date! The 1-1 meetings with the corporates will be on the 3rd of December  


About the UK-Polish TechChallenge

The UK-Polish TechChallenge is a joint initiative of the Polish Ministry of Economic Development, the British Embassy in Warsaw and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The project aims to promote technological cooperation between SMEs and large companies from Poland and the UK. The pilot edition of the TechChallenge will focus on fintech and cleantech sectors.

Find out about the challenges involved and the support you can expect from the British Embassy in Warsaw from our webinar recording below: 


Why apply?

The UK-Polish TechChallenge will consist of online events to bring together large corporates who have a challenge they need resolving, with tech SMEs who can offer solutions. Below you can find tech challenges identified by large Polish companies.

Selected British SMEs will have an opportunity to pitch their solutions during virtual 1:1 meetings with Polish corporates’ representatives. Exact date of the events will be published shortly.


Company profiles & Challenges 



– Fuels and energy sector; oil refinery and petrol retail


Development of CO2 utilization technology into high margin products, e.g. biofuels, bioplastics, etc. or any other use e.g. for greenhouses. Raw CO2 for utilization in challenge will be produced in the Carbon Capture Unit, which aim will be the recovery of CO2 from syngas upstream the PSA Unit at Steam Methane Reformer Unit.


Development of technology for the conversion or recovery of low-temperature heat from steam condensate instead of cooling it using cooling water. The goal is to use of residual heat from condensate in a cost-effective way (e.g. for heating, electricity production, etc.). In current situation steam condensate at about 130C leaving the production unit is cooled to 100C in exchanger by cooling water and next is directed to condensate network in Refinery.


Development of plastic waste conversion technology with product purification to obtain a hydrocarbon fraction that can be used in Refinery for the production of fuels or petrochemicals. This fraction should not contain chlorine compounds (that can be present in the feedstock) and a limited amount of nitrogen and sulphur compounds. The solution must be economically viable.



PCC Rokita 

– One of the leading chemical companies in Europe


The company is looking for technologies dedicated to the treatment and return of brine wastewater:
–  Purification of weak salt solutions from organic compounds (aromatic and aliphatic).
– Precipitation solutions, non-thermal crystallization, energy-saving techniques for concentration


The company is looking for technologies for the use of CO2 in chemical synthesis – carbonates, polycarbonates, polyethers, surfactants, other products binding carbon dioxide.


The company is looking for technologies and products based on plastics from waste – e.g. terephthalic acid from PET and production of esters and polyesters, etc.


The company is looking for green sources of ethylene, other olefins, and alcohols including glycols.


The company is looking for energy sources from waste heat streams – low-temperature systems, other solutions.


PKOBP logo

PKO Bank Polski

– The largest financial institution in the CEE region


PKO Bank Polski has decided to develop a new approach to customer service, with particular stress on using mobile channels, adjusting existing bank offer and building value added services. View full details here.


Looking for smart ways to communicate and build relationships with our customers throughout all channels.


Grupa Azoti

– One of the leading players on the European fertilizer and chemical markets.


Challenge 13: Innovative technologies in material engineering

Grupa Azoty cooperates closely with startups. Currently, they are looking for innovative solutions & technologies from areas of material engineering / new materials, plastics, fine chemicals, energy storage, and – obviously – new fertilizers. Their basic expectations are regulated IP issues, detailed and comprehensive market analysis, and a verified business model.


How to apply?

If you are a UK start-up or SME offering fintech and/or cleantech services and products, and you are interested in providing a tech solution for a major potential business partner in Poland, please register below. In case of any questions, please contact Camila at