Innovative ways of using Electricity for Decarbonising our Homes – From the Sustainable Smart Homes SIG



Wednesday 28th October 2020 | 16:15 – 18:15 BST

Online Webinar – Facilitated by Peter Bates of pjb Associates


At the macro-level, the independent “Committee on Climate Change” is recommending the UK Government to develops large-scale plans to decarbonise the power system. To do so, the UK  Government should be licensing new offshore wind farms and clearly identify the role of onshore wind and large-scale solar power. Yet, new innovations and opportunities are also emerging at the micro-level. Those opportunities would enable the 27 million UK dwelling owners to make their contributions towards the decarbonisation of their own homes.


This webinar aims to highlight some of these new innovations and opportunities emerging to decarbonise our homes and reduce carbon emissions. These solutions are needed in order to meet the Government’s 2050 Carbon Zero targets and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:







A Roadmap for Decarbonisation my Home, from mains gas to all-electric – Peter Bates, pjb Associates 

Smart Energy connected products – Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist at Octopus Energy

The Hybrid Home™ System – Simon Hughes, COO, GEO (Green Energy Options)

Do you really sell electricity at a higher price than buying it? – Nicola Terry, Environmental consultant

What is the role of the Greater South East Energy Hub – Sam Bosson, Energy Projects Manager, Greater South East Energy Hub 

How can I part own a big Wind Turbine? – Sarah Merrick, CEO, Ripple Energy



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