Get ready for BREXIT

11th November 2020 | 17:00 – 18:00 GMT

Online Webinar



  • Labor: An end to the free-movement within the EU for UK-citizens?
    What will be required as of next year for UK citizens to travel and work in the EU? What should UK-citizens do who reside in Germany to ensure their status?
  • Commercial: „Deal or no deal anymore?“ BREXIT & its risks for your business
    Upon leaving the EU, various European laws are no longer applicable to cross-border transactions with the UK. This brings considerable uncertainty as to the applicable law, substantial complications when it comes to the enforcement of judgments as well as many customs and tax law issues.
  • Cross Border: Challenges for the free movement of goods beyond December 31, 2020. It´s not the end!
    Even a Hard BREXIT will not interrupt the substantial flow of goods between the EU and the UK. The better market participants are prepared, the smoother they can manage the disruption.
  • Data: Securing Cross-Border Data Processing Post BREXIT
    We will explore the latest developments regarding data transfers to and from the UK and discuss how Controllers and Processers can prepare for BREXIT.
  • Brands: BREXIT and Brands: Brand owner’s to dos before December 31, 2020
    On order to secure effective trademark protection in the UK, brand owners have to prepare for the upcoming end to the BREXIT transition period. We will discuss which steps need to be taken in the next months.