November think piece series 3: Improving people transport in Cambridge and other urban centres


Lunchtime Interactive Discussion 3: Integrating door-to-door people transport – systems thinking approach to technology, user behaviours and policy

Thursday 19th November 2020 | 13:00 – 14:30

Online Webinar – In partnership with The Maxwell Centre and Cambridge Zero




The Maxwell Centre, Cambridge Zero, and ourselves are following on the successful event of ‘Zero Carbon, from research to commercialisations’, with a series of workshops for academics, business solutions providers, the broader community, and policymakers on future transport, circular economy, energy transitions, and smart cities.


This event will focus on the latest thinking and developments on local people transport. This event will focus on integrating various stakeholder perspectives towards solutions of benefit to all.


Together, we will rethink our current local people transport system, and consider options to present as possible solutions to include in a post-pandemic reset. We will state outstanding challenges and propose tangible first steps towards feasible solutions.


In this event, we will talk about…


  • Systems thinking for the first and last mile – Prof John Clarkson FREng, Director, Cambridge Engineering Design Centre; Professor of Engineering Design (Cambridge) and Healthcare Systems (TU Delft)



  • Visioning workshops – Attendees will be invited to share their ideas which will be taken note of for the final think piece.