How can satellite technology help support business sustainability?


24th February 2021 | 10:00 am GMT

Online Webinar



Join us to find out how satellite technology and geospatial intelligence can be used by businesses to help them progress on their sustainability goals.  Also hear about ways space-tech and green-tech could be integrated to provide new solutions for sustainable businesses.



In this online event, we will start with an outline of some of the key challenges sustainable businesses face from experts in this field, Bioregional. We will then explain the capabilities of satellite technology for business sustainability, including examples of how satellite tech is being used in this sector today.


We hope these presentations will fire some lightbulbs and get the audience thinking about ways that space and green-tech companies can work together to address some of the key cross-industry challenges and themes emerging across the business sustainability landscape.





Introduction Oxfordshire Greentech


Session 1: Expert Presentations

  • Bioregional

What is business sustainability and its importance?

What are some of the challenges faced by sustainable businesses?

  • Satellite Applications Catapult:

How can satellite technology help support sustainable businesses?

  • Q&A for presenters


Session 2: Interactive Brainstorming Break-out Groups

  • Break-out sessions around key themes:

Explore range of opportunities for satellite-tech and green-tech to address key challenges faced by large sustainable businesses across industries.

  • Present findings from Break-out sessions