Green Technologies Grand Challenge Virtual Exhibition



Free Virtual Exhibition – Hosted by Cranfield University 

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 | 09:30 – 13:30


Our founder member Cranfield University has launched the Green Technologies (GreenTech) Grand Challenge Day to help accelerate the development and implementation of environmentally-sustainable technologies that can increase businesses competitiveness, stimulate innovation, boost economic growth, and create jobs to a wide range of strategically important UK industries. Join them for a great Green tech Exhibition.


To achieve the Government’s Net Zero 2050 targets and many of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, rapid transitions based on a fine-grained understanding of the consequences of introducing alternative methods and environmentally-friendly technologies are needed.



Join experts at the online exhibition day. This virtual event aims to act as the formal introduction of the GreenTech Grand Challenge, providing an opportunity for engagement with local and regional policymakers and industry stakeholders, as well as disseminating Cranfield’s unique world-leading expertise, facilities and technology through presentations, videos, interviews and round table discussions.

Who are the speakers and panelists…


Ana Soares – Professor of Biotechnology Engineering. She is also lead of the Cranfield Grand Challenge in Green Technologies.

Jialuo Ding – Senior Research Fellow in Additive Manufacture

Imma Bortone – Lecturer in Fluid Flow and Environmental Engineering

Phil Longhurst – Professor of Environment and Energy Technology

Kumar Patchigolla – Reader in Low Carbon Energy Systems

And much more… Including Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech

Watch the recording of our past events…


A short while back, we were lucky to have Ana Soares, Professor of Biotechnology Engineering and Lead of the Cranfield Grand Challenge in Green Technologies, joining us to our first Climate Action Programme. The event focused on the 6th SDG: Clean Water & Sanitation. Watch the recording here.