Green Careers fair – Organised by Careers Service and Cambridge Zero


9th March 2021 | 01:00 – 03:00 pm GMT

Online Event


The Green Careers Fair is focused on connecting University of Cambridge students to prospective employers where they can find jobs focused on sustainability, net zero, climate change, conservation and the environment more broadly. The aim is to invite employers to the fair whose environmental values line up with those of Cambridge Zero and who are currently looking to recruit.


Why should I attend?

At Cambridge, a growing proportion of students are interested in careers that have a positive impact on society and our environment, from using their research and analysis skills to inform policy and strategy, their transferable skills to enable organisations to deliver key projects or technical skills to contribute to innovative solutions. This event enables participants to explore the range of opportunities available to them and learn more about how to get into this diverse range of roles and organisations.



How does it work?

Representatives will use the virtual fair platform Handshake, used by the University’s Careers Service to promote vacancies, vacation work opportunities, events run by employers as well as fairs.  Organisations may share insights about the Green work that they do, their career paths and the skills or experiences that have supported them to achieve their goals, via:

  • 30-minute group sessions for up to 50 where you may hold a Q&A session, a more formal presentation.
  • 10-minute 1:1 sessions with individual students for more in depth conversations or even the start of an interview process.


Both the above enable the use of chat, audio or full video. Students can view your text entry in the virtual fair listing (where you may also embed video content) and they can then book sessions as part of their schedule. More information here.



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