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About CET’s project

Our member, Cambridge Electric Transport, are looking for a partner for their innovative solution, focusing on reducing the energy used on the last mile. The CitiPod is an innovative urban transport solution for the multiple challenges faced by cities and towns.

Enabling people to move effortlessly and cheaply without pollution of the environment is key to a city’s economic success. However, most cities suffer from disastrous:

• Urban traffic congestion;
• Parking limitations;
• CO2, NOx and other particulate pollution;
• Limited safe cycling routes, with reduced use in bad weather.


Most urban journey are under 5km. These journeys do not require heavy, polluting vehicles.


CitiPod Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

The plan is that CitiPod will be available for individual ownership, but we expect most CitiPods will be deployed in shared transport services. Using a mobile app, customers will:

• Locate the nearest available CitiPod;
• Unlock it;
• Navigate to their destination;
• Pay;
• Relock the CitiPod, when they arrive.


This project will offer an ideal last-mile solution as part of a seamless intermodal urban transport system.

If you are interested in this subject, then you might want to hear more about the issue around the last mile. If so, you can watch the recording of our event ‘The First and Last Mile, adjusting to the new greener normal’.  Please click here to do so.


Fleets of CitiPods will be available for hire at:

• Bus and train stations;
• Major employment centres;
• Tourist attractions;
• Community centres;
• Other transport hubs.



Current Transport Developments

Their vision is an all-wheel steering, all-wheel drive full suspension recumbent with a narrow track for agility and the ability to lean into bends like a bicycle. The two wheel prototype (View images here) showed that it is possible to have a stable narrow vehicle that tilts like a bicycle and yet can be direct steered like a car. CitiPod has for goal to exploit the knowledge gained by this two-wheeled prototype and build a bodied version with a similar driving position. It will have three wheels for static stability, with additionally two electrically powered at the rear and the front pedalled to give geared/chainless front-wheel drive. View further information here.

Partnership opportunities

CET aims to propagate the CitiPod concept across the world through partnerships with transport operators, vehicle manufacturers and city authorities. They are therefore currently looking for partners.



Sean Moroney, CEO Cambridge Electric Transport Ltd
Email: info@cambridgeelectrictransport.co.uk
Tel: +44(0)7973 499224


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