Leading the Energy Revolution: innovation and opportunity across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc


Online event in partnership with the Oxford-Cambridge Arc

Tuesday  23 March 2021 | 10:00am – 11.30am


Global electricity systems are undergoing a once-in-a-century energy revolution, driven by renewables, electric vehicles and electrification of heat and power.


The Oxford-Cambridge Arc Leadership Group is working with Government to define the sustainable economic growth we want to pursue. The changing energy system will underpin much of this.

This online event will showcase energy innovations from across the Arc as well as highlighting challenges and opportunities that the energy revolution presents to the area. The aim of the webinar will be to share knowledge about innovations and approaches that can be scaled-up across the Oxford to Cambridge Arc to support ambitious levels of growth without costing the earth.

The discussion comes at a time when the Arc Leadership Group, together with the Arc Universities Group is working with Government, business and our communities to define ambitious levels of sustainable economic growth. The changing energy systems will underpin much of this.


Our ambition is bold. So, what and who do we need to pursue our agenda at the pace and scale we require?



This event will include…

Contributors and event components
Chair: Peter Horrocks CBE, supported by Toby Thompson, host



Confirmed contributors

1. Emma Southwell-Sander, EnergyTec Cluster, Harwell

2. Professor Phil Hart, Director Energy and Power, Cranfield University

3. Andy Gilchrist, University of Oxford, TESA, The Energy Systems Accelerator

4. Melanie Bryce, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Programme Lead

5. Martin Garratt: Chief Executive, Cambridge Cleantech

6. Simon Toseland and David Wykes, Chelveston Renewable Energy and Innovation Park