Climate Action 2021: Clean water and sanitation


Climate Action 2021 aims to promote solutions available to achieve a more sustainable world. Join us for a showcase of the cleantech companies contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are excited to launch this programme in partnership with our associate founder member, Cheeky Panda, and cannot wait to see you to our events. For the next quarter, we will be highlighting currently available solutions to tackle water scarcity.

The last year has given the world a refresher lesson in the importance of handwashing, and we can expect water scarcity to become a major issue in the next five years, hence why Clean Water and Sanitation is important to us.

Currently, innovative SMEs are working hard to solve this issue. Join us to see how they are providing us with ground-breaking and innovations,


Get involved and see what is presently being done to tackle water scarcity

We are delighted to have some of our own members joining us for this occasion, including

  • BlueTap, encouraging everyone to join the refill revolution by providing 3D print low-cost water purification technologies for users in emerging markets, in addition to selling reusable bamboo and steel water bottles in the UK.
  • Camnexus, using IoT in view of solving water challenges in LatAm countries through
  • Propelair, the toilet reinvented in order to save water, one flush at a time
  • Seacourt, a journey from the water-intensive polluter to a company making a positive impact
  • Waterblade, saving money and water with an innovative equipment that is using way less water but yet is as effective as a normal tap


Some other active SMEs fighting against water scarcity include

  • BOSAQ, selling technologies with the intention to decentralize drinking water supply
  • Naturbeads, produce biodegradable cellulose beads in order to replace polluting fossil fuel-based plastic microbeads.
  • Saturas, develops an innovative miniature trunk embedded SWP (Stem Water Potential) sensor e.g. for trees and vines, in order to enable precision irrigation.


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