Renewable Energy Innovation Workshop



19th of February 2021  


Online Webinar – Facilitated by The Renew Innovation Centre (TWI) and the University of Bedfordshire


Join the Renew Innovation Centre (TWI) and the University of Bedfordshire Partnership for a workshop on 19 February focusing on developing funding opportunities.


Launched in 2019, the Renewable Energy Innovation Centre develops the next generation of innovative technologies to enhance the performance of low carbon power generation systems.


The Centre carries out R&D programmes designed to identify, test and qualify new sustainable energy technologies that will form the basis of tomorrow’s novel systems, applications and solutions for the renewable energy industry.


An opportunity for sharing ideas about alternative energy applications and renewable energy trends. The workshop enables a dynamic discussion on environmental and climate issues and their mitigation options by means of renewable energy solutions. Subject areas include the state of the science and technology and prioritisation activities to identify knowledge gaps and guide future research direction.

Core Areas


  • Maintenance, inspection and monitoring services


  • Grid, power generation, networks and distribution, energy efficiency


  • Asset management, risk assessment and remaining useful life


  • Installation, commissioning and decommissioning


  • Digitalisation of new legacy systems, Data Management and Sensors, IoT


Why you should joint the Renewable Energy Innovation Workshop


  • Access to public funded opportunities, addressing common goals through key partnerships.


  • Be part of a network working on renewable energy, established between industries and academia.


  • Discuss thematic interests and map technological developments and activities within the renewable energy systems sphere


  • Explore possible action plans to promote development and utilisation of renewable energy.


  • Gain insights into ongoing R&D activities and public funding targeting renewable energy solutions.


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