Climate Exp0: A fusion of science and policy advancing a resilient, zero-carbon world


17th – 21nd May 2021

Fully virtual conference.


Six months before the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow…

Climate Exp0 will showcase the latest thinking and most relevant international research in the run-up to COP26 around five key themes.

Online, free, and open to all, it’s an opportunity to connect policymakers, academics and students across the world, and harness the power of virtual collaboration to help deliver a zero-carbon, resilient world.


How does it work?

Climate Exp0 is founded on principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

In order to ensure a wide range of voices within the conference, we will host a number of invited panellists and speakers as well as sharing an open call for submissions.



What will be discussed… 



We invite contributions on Green Recovery – how to rebuild greener and better post the COVID-19 pandemic, bearing in mind that Green Recovery is only green if also socially equitable. 
Monday, 17 May



  1. Current Risks, Early Warning Systems and Adaptation Finance
  2. Adapting robustly to climate change
  3. Operationalising Adaptation: UK Experience
  4. Transforming Adaptation in the Global South

Thursday, 20 May



Climate Exp0 invites contributions on the opportunities and risks associated with climate change and a transition to a net-zero economy for the global finance sector.

Friday, 21 May


And more!



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