Cleantech Venture Day 2021: Meet the pitching companies


25th March 2021 – 9:00 am to 3:30 pm (UK time)







Join Cambridge Cleantech and Oxfordshire Greentech for a day of innovative pitches, keynote speeches and networking for innovators and investors looking for climate-positive solutions.

Meet the leading cleantech startups, investors, corporates and other key enablers from around the world to make valuable connections happen.

Building on a 15-year record of successful Cleantech Venture Days in London and Helsinki, we are once again teaming up to bring this world-class pitching and investment event to you,  in a new digital format.


All the innovative solutions help to solve at least one of the following challenges from the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution announced by the UK government last November:

  • Point 4: Accelerating the shift to zero emission vehicles
  • Point 5: Green public transport, cycling, walking
  • Point 7: Greener building
  • Point 8: Carbon capture, usage and storage


Meet the innovative companies 


Accelerating the shift to Zero-Emission Vehicles 


Arxax Ltd. is a UK-based company and a new member of Energy Pioneers Group. Arxax provides green hydrogen as a fuel in heavy-duty transportation using an end-to-end service model.


Cyclopic Ltd

Cyclopic are developing the award-winning Electric Drive-System that operates the centreless wheel and revolutionary technologies which include an E-Bike and an innovative UAV -Fly-drive drone.


Echion Technologies

Echion is commercialising advanced materials for 6-min charge superfast Li-ion batteries. A spin-out from Cambridge University, we are now generating revenue from one of the word’s largest cell manufacturers.


ElectreeFi (TeckPerspect)

ElectreeFi is a Smart, Connected, Shared and Intelligent Ecosystem for Electric Vehicles, helping businesses and individuals’ transition to Electric Vehicles by providing a digital SaaS based ecosystem. ElectreeFi is India’s Largest Smart Charging Network with around 1900 Live Charging Points (a combination of Public, Captive and Home Charging Points) on the platform.


HUBL Logistics Ltd

Hubl is the ultimate ‘last green mile’ logistics fulfilme system. It focuses on providing a superior delivery service to inner city householders and businesses, way beyond what is currently available.


Libralato (R6 Eco-Engine Ltd)

The R6 (rotary 6 phase) eco-engine works as an ultra-high efficiency, power dense, low emission, low cost, range-extender generator, enabling self-charging heavy-duty electric vehicles such as trucks, planes and boats, where battery-only solutions are not physically possible or viable.


RAD Propulsion Ltd

RAD Propulsion Ltd is a UK based electric connected marine electric propulsion business.


Green Public Transport, Cycling, Walking

eee Taxi

eee-Taxi is one of the leading companies in India providing sustainable green mobility through electric cars and creating an eco-system for EV’s to operate.


Global Ecofuel Solutions & MECCOne Ltd (GEFS)

GEFS has developed a novel technology, MEchanical Catalytic Conversion, a complete biorefinery converting organics feedstocks into advanced renewable fuels. Their technology helps oil importers increase the proportion of renewable fuel complying with UK obligation regulations, the cost of which increases substantially over time creating a new market for sustainable biofuels.


Go GreenEOT

Go GreenEOT provides a high performance affordable entry electric two-wheeler ownership through financing, battery and technology model.


G-volution Ltd

A low carbon technology to deliver dual fuel using cleaner fuels to evolve existing rail businesses to cleaner, greener and cheaper vehicles.


Green Building

Rad Green

RadGreen’s product increases green building environmental and health awareness in the public and professional audiences.



Setpoint develops indoor climate automation for multi-room commercial buildings. The company deploys wireless climate node networks that enable users to sense, analyse, and automate indoor climate in every room, through a Climate Intelligence Platform.



Switchee has reimagined the way landlords interact with residents and manage their homes. Their services ensure that landlords have the information they need to eliminate fuel poverty, damp and mould as well as heating & ventilation failures.



Making utility infrastructure smart, connected, and predictive. Unified IoT solution for monitoring and automation of Distribution Grid assets like LT subnations.



Thermulon’s innovative chemical process significantly reduces the cost of the next generation of mineral-based insulation: aerogels. Incorporating construction waste, Thermulon aims to make UK buildings ready for net-zero 2050.


Ventive offers fresh air without costing the earth, with systems designed to harness nature (wind speed and air buoyancy) to provide high levels of indoor air quality.


Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage

Brill Power

Brill Power develops intelligent battery management and control technology to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for stationary energy storage and electric vehicles.


Chakr Innovation

Our product Chakr Shield is an innovative emission control device that captures pollution at source and converts it into something useful.



envoPAP makes better use of abundant agricultural waste to create high-quality, environmentally friendly and ecologically viable printing and packaging products.


SEaB Power

SEaB Power Ltd (t/a SEaB Energy) is a multi-award winning, international, innovative company providing sustainable energy from waste to Future Cities and established communities.


Wind Farm Analytics

The mission of Wind Farm Analytics is to increase the efficiency of wind turbines and to facilitate the success and productivity of wind energy by 10%.



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