Balancing demand for sustainability, hygiene & financial savings with Propelair





The tentative steps that the UK government is taking to bring the country out of lockdown indicate that any return to the office and back into shops will be unpredictable, sporadic and ambiguous for the foreseeable future.



Commercial property owners, developers, facilities managers and employers are facing an uncertain economy at the same time as they are grappling with the pressures of being sustainable, reducing financial risk and keeping staff and customers safe.


Any return to pre-Covid times therefore requires three key criteria to ensure long-term resiliency:

  • Cost effective
  • Sustainable
  • Hygienic


Proof of such responsibility in balance with sustainable practices will play a major role in attracting customers and staff back, and maintaining a trustworthy corporate image.


Perhaps ironically, the emphasis on good hygiene will also lead to more water consumption and bills as hand washing and more rigorous cleaning increases.


At a time when water resources are becoming scarce and access to clean water is already an issue for many, it is the responsibility of practically every sector and every business to accelerate and invest in their water efficient transformation.

Transformation is necessary – but can be costly


But, all this transformation and adjustment is costly.


This is why Cambridge Cleantech member Propelair is proposing the use of its water-efficient toilet on commercial and public premises:


Propelair has been specifically designed for out-of-home environments, where durability, hygiene, energy and water efficiency are tied to, and just as important as, financial stability.

Their toilet uses 7.5 litres less water than standard toilets and eliminates up to 95% of airborne germs, as well as 99.9% of germs from inside the toilet pan. It also has anti-microbial additives for an extra layer of hygienic safety.



Because it uses so much less water, it lowers bills so much that it pays back in as little as a few months – effectively costing £0.00. Propelair is available with a range of funding options and there are even grants available – something to suit every budget. Plus, the government now gives back 25% on your capital expenditure through its Super Deductions initiative. This makes purchasing Propelair even more lucrative than normal.