Climate Action 2021: SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities



Climate Action 2021 aims to promote solutions available to achieve a more sustainable world. Join us for a showcase of the cleantech companies contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this time focusing on SDG 11.

We are excited to launch this programme in partnership with our associate founder member, Cheeky Panda, and cannot wait to see you to our events. For the next quarter, we will be highlighting currently available solutions to respond to the challenge of sustainable cities.


In response to the call to build back better in the UK, Cambridge Cleantech launched last September a new Special Interest Group: Sustainable Smart Homes. The success of this interest group only reflects the current need to improve our homes and cities. In order to meet the Government’s 2050 Carbon Zero targets and the 11th UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we need to drastically reduce the carbon emissions produced by our homes and cities.


Currently, innovative SMEs are working hard to improve our habitat. Join us to see how they are providing us with ground-breaking and innovations,


Get involved and see what is presently being done to reduce our emissions and tackled SDG 11:

We are delighted to have some of our own members joining us for this occasion, including


  • Global Sustainability Institute: the institute is committed to playing a key role in developing practical solutions to the sustainability challenges we all face, both locally and globally. They do this through research and education – bringing together the information needed to make decisions, with the people capable of taking action.


  • Cranfield University: the mission of the Cranfield’s Sustainability group is to ensure current and future business leaders develop the knowledge and skills to embed sustainability in core business so they can reduce risk, reduce cost, increase trust and drive growth through the development of innovative products, services and processes, whilst maintaining long term financial performance and creating value for society.


  • pjb Associates: consultancy and a sustainable business development company.


  •  Purrmetrix makes sense of environmental data. For real estate professionals who need to understand their building’s performance, Purr uses temperature, humidity, CO2, light and occupancy to provide real insights into wellbeing, space utilisation and energy efficiency.


  • Airex Technologies is a smart ventilation control. AirEx has developed a retrofit smart ventilation control system that regulates the airflow via air-bricks. Occupants benefit from significantly reduced energy bills, improved thermal comfort, without compromising on air quality.


  •  Cambridge Zero:  the University of Cambridge is building on its existing research and launching an ambitious new climate change initiative. We are calling on the world’s brightest and best to join us in creating a zero-carbon future.


  • Thermulon Ltd is the first building insulation material to satisfy the criteria of fire-safety, performance and price. Designed from the molecular level up, Thermulon deploys the latest advances in chemical and processing technology into a product that meets the construction industries needs in the face of increasing regulatory standards.


  • ProofShield manufacturers a range of eco-friendly insulating renders and plasters. Our award-winning external wall insulating render system provides exceptional levels of insulation at significantly lower cost than most other traditional insulation systems and is a flexible solution suitable for a wide range of projects.



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