Recording available: Opportunities and Challenges for Electric Vehicles to balance the Grid as Home Battery Storage Systems
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Wednesday 19th May 2021 | 16:00 – 18:00


Join us to explore the opportunities and challenges of using electric vehicles virtual power plants (VPP) connected to the National Electricity Grid through the home.


Cambridge Cleantech and pjb Associates are once again teaming up to bring you the best of cleantech in order to achieve sustainable homes.


The UK needs to reduce carbon emissions in order to meet the Government’s 2050 Carbon Zero targets and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Renewable energy is helping to meet these targets and will be particularly important for decarbonising heating in the home.


However, relying on the weather creates instability for meeting electricity demands. Yet large- and small-scale battery storage can help stabilise and better balance demand.


Increasingly, homeowners are buying electric vehicles, that are often sitting on people’s drives for up to around 97% of the time…Is there a way for a win-win solution?




This event included…


Introduction: Opportunities and Challenges of Electric Vehicles as Home Electric Battery Storage and Balancing the National Electricity Grid

Peter Bates, pjb Associates – webinar facilitator –


The commercial viability of residential vehicle-to-grid chargers

Greg Payne, Modelling and Simulation Lead, Cenex


Making Vehicle to Grid (V2G) happen – opportunities and challenges for Electricity Network Distributors

Evie Trolove, Innovation Project Lead (LCTs)


Learnings from Project Sciurus – the world’s largest domestic V2G Trial – the way forward

Tom Pakenham, Director, Policy and Public Affairs, Ovo Energy


Case Study – Powerloop: a domestic V2G trial – Octopus Energy and Octopus Electric Vehicles

Albena Ivanova Project Manager, Powerloop Trial


And a few more to come!


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