Partnerships for the value chain of household waste in the province of Luanda, in Africa





Deadline: 30th May 


The Angola Risk Capital Asset Fund (FACRA) invites proposals for investment partnerships in the form of risk capital or micro-credit financing for entrepreneurs who want to develop businesses in the  value chain of household waste in the province of Luanda, namely the sorted collection of waste door-to-door and/or from eco-points, the transport of distinct waste for its value chain, the storage and pre-processing of recyclable waste, as well as the technical changes and the working capital provisions for the consumption of raw material from recycling waste and all the other infrastructures associated with the business of value chain of solid urban waste in the province of Luanda.


FACRA, offers long-term financial investments to enable MSMEs and entrepreneurs to realize their business development potential. FACRA’s objectives involve helping to facilitate the launch and expansion of new businesses, boosting entrepreneurship, supporting the development of business skills, and promoting innovation and efficiency in Angolan small and medium enterprises.


The fund also aims to build competencies, innovation and technological capabilities in businesses with which it invests. As a government-backed venture capital fund, FACRA is a powerful instrument for the diversification of the Angolan economy.



Who can apply for a Partnership ?
  1. Micro, Small and Medium enterprises.
  2. Collectives.


Can single persons participate?

Yes. FACRA  will conduct an internal evaluation, if it’s approved, they will provide the adequate legal guidance and it’s process will be considered as Start-up.

What will FACRA access ?
  1. Projects for sorting  waste collection, door-to-door or in eco-points;
  2. Provide investment for storage stations  for sorting waste destined for recycling;
  3. Transportation onto processing facilities for recycling;
  4. Pre-processing and/or processing of waste into raw materials, fertilisers, feed, energy production in small and medium-sized biodigester;
  5. Investments in new technical industries so that they can process  raw materials from waste ;
  6. Provide financial structure  for industries to buy raw materials from waste.



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