Young Green Tech (YGT): Global Competition for Cleantech innovative SMEs



Deadline: 31st May 2021


YGT empowers young creators to address environmental challenges through scalable and clean-tech innovation.


As partners to the exchange program, Cambridge Cleantech has benefited from three tickets to recommend start-ups to YGT.

The start-ups which we recommend will automatically enter the second round reviewing process, which means your opportunities to become YGT alumni will be 80% higher.

To benefit from the offer, please contact Auriane at




What is this about?


The 20 Finalists will receive the following benefits: Profuse Global Resource Connection, Valuable Honorary Endorsement, Support in International Branding, invitation to connect with a Vibrant Young Entrepreneurs Community, and Discount for Sustainability Innovation Centre (view more here).


You may have heard of Yan Luhui, part of the 2019 finalists. His company just accomplished a big milestone. Here is the news!


Considering they are opening their first incubator in Suzhou, China and building their marketing and investing arms vigorously, YGTers will have better support from the YGT team and their new partners.


To see the programme in full click here

The exchange program offered by YGT


Training ​


Mentorship: A diverse group of mentors across industries and sectors.

Exchange: Visit innovative companies, non-profit organizations, and research institutes to gain hands-on experience and insights into various fields.

Bootcamp: The opportunity to enroll in training courses provided at top universities and business enterprises around the world.




Showcase: YGTers will have the opportunity to pitch at various events in China and US.

Young Green Tech talk: YGTers will present their solutions and discuss various entrepreneurial topics with mentors at our exclusive YGT panel talks.





Advisors: YGTers will have access to the YGT advisory committee including Wang Shi, Chairman of the Vanke Foundation, and Danny Kennedy, Chief Energy Officer, New Energy Nexus.

Alumni: A diverse alumni YGT network that enables cross-collaboration.

Partnership: Access to YGT’s extensive network of nonprofits, investors, corporations, and organizations.



What’s the next step? 


Please contact Auriane at to receive a special ticket. You can also directly apply here.



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