Clim8: make an impact with your savings. Sustainable investing without compromising on returns



Invest in sectors fighting climate change with Clim8


By investing in leading sustainable industries, you can help meet the climate change targets. Where you invest your money has the power to shape the world we live in. The sectors includes:

  • Clean energy
  • Smart mobility
  • Clean Technology
  • Clean Water
  • Sustainable Food
  • Recycling
Investments aligned with your values


You don’t have to compromise on your values. Nor your returns. Sustainable investing allows you to support the causes you believe in, move funds into companies helping the planet, and benefit our society.

Impact at your fingertip


Clim8 is a simple way to invest in a sustainable portfolio of carefully selected companies already making a positive impact on climate change.

How it works


With on average 25 years’ experience, members of the clim8 investment team come from top financial institutions. Their methodology is driven by deep research and data-centricity to achieve financial and environmental goals. The team is continually analysing the market to identify the leading sustainability focused shares and funds. Their portfolios are carefully crafted and constantly reviewed. Clim8 only invests in clean energy, clean technology, smart mobility, clean water, sustainable food and recycling. Our portfolios are mapped to the UN Paris Climate Agreement.

What is Clim8 Invest?


Their platform provides a simple way to invest into a targeted portfolio of publicly listed companies that are already making an impact in tackling climate change. Clim8 have raised £5 million in funding to build and launch the app, and their investors include a venture capital fund backed by the British Business Bank.


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