Net Zero: Helping tech companies who are creating a more sustainable future



Free to apply | Deadline on the 30th June


Did you know? Climate-tech scale-ups play an outsized role in tackling the climate crisis.


40% of emission reductions rely on technologies not yet commercially deployed on a mass-market scale.  This is why Tech Nation is delighted to launch Net Zero 2.0, supporting scale-ups to achieve scale and accelerate the UK’s goal to drive down global emissions.


Who can apply?


Tech Nation are looking for early-stage scale-ups which operate across key sectors, including:


Electricity & energy,
Transport & mobility,
Agriculture & food systems,
Manufacturing and building technology.


Companies may directly contribute to net zero, with emission-reducing and carbon capture technologies or may contribute indirectly by changing consumer behaviour, or increasing efficiencies.


Picture from Road Light


Net Zero is tailor-made to help mission-driven founders realise their visions. The best part? It’s free to join and we don’t take an equity stake in your business. The programme is now open for applications until 30th June 2021. More information on the programme here.

The UK Net Zero Ecosystem Map


The Map captures the pioneering companies operating to achieve a zero carbon emissions by 2050. These firms are working to embed sustainable practices across the UK, through other businesses or helping the general population to do so. Net Zero companies have a keen economic interest – with nearly £4.6bn investment received by the 1,315 companies identified. More information here.

What’s next?


You can apply here. If you are unsure about your eligibility or have questions about the programme, here are some resources for you:

Tech Nation is aiming to support a range of different companies, which means you can operate in a variety of industries and create products that supports sustainability in different ways – It’s not just all about carbon! Although the UK’s Net Zero initiative focuses primarily on reducing carbon, Tech Nation wants to showcase and support the range of solutions needed to combat the climate crisis.